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About Us

After losing my husband, Bartolomé Zenen Fiol, to Covid, I decided it was finally time to pursue our shared dream of a growing cut flowers. Over the last several months I’ve been investing, researching, learning and dreaming (and shedding quite a few tears!). Growing these beautiful blooms have helped me walk through this season of grief and allowed me to bring  beauty back into my life. Zenen Flowers was created to honor Bart’s memory, help my family heal, and hopefully help others heal too. I am so glad you are here on this journey with me–thank you!

Here’s to growing more joy!

The Shop

Single Bouquet

Each handcrafted bouquet includes seasonal blooms, vase, and care card. Select either a standard or micro bouquet to enjoy!

Indoor Houseplants

Custom arrangement includes easy to care for plants: Spider plants, Plectranthus, PW variety Cerveza & lime, Ivy, Ferns, Waffle plants, Pothos, Snake plants, etc.

Bouquet Subscription

Beautiful, seasonal blooms to fill your home and with joy! Enjoy 5 locally-grown bouquets over the period of 10 weeks.

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Contact Me

I would absolutely love to hear from you as I travel this flower journey! Have a question, comment or encouragement? Share it below!

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